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Dropboard is a modular storage system that provides better organization in a shared bathroom environment. 

Dropboard consists of a RTA (ready to assemble) stainless steel tube mounting board that can be easily installed onto and removed from existing structures in a residential bathroom, eliminating the need for wall mounting that causes permanent damage. Dropboard's companion color-coded modular containers are meant to store various kinds of personal bathroom items and help multiple users differentiate their belongings.

Dropboard was awarded first place in the Home Appliance/Fittings Category of the 2017 International Design Awards (IDA) and awarded in the product design category of the 2018 APDC*IDA Design Excellence Awards.

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Design Process


The Problem

There are many people who share a bathroom at home. Everyone uses their bathroom daily and often store their personal hygiene products and belongings there. In a shared bathroom environment, it can easily become a very disorganized space. A disorganized bathroom is frustrating for many people because it gets too claustrophobic to do daily routines comfortably. As bathrooms become smaller and smaller in tight spaces, it becomes even more essential for this common area to stay clean and organized.

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Case Study

Client: Ying - Female - College Student.

Space: 2 bedroom apartment shared with 3 people in Newport, New Jersey


  • Large amounts of products due to multiple people (roommates) using the bathroom.

  • Things such as bottled products, towels, and personal accessories (glasses, watches, jewelry) can be found at every surface.

  • Not enough designated space for storing bathroom products. Products are placed all around the tub, around the sink, and on top of the toilet seat.

  • Claustrophobic and difficult to maneuver around and do daily tasks in the space comfortably.


Market Research

These bathroom organizers are currently available in the market. I have analyzed the utility/practicality, materials, longevity, price point and aesthetic.


“These bottles keep falling into the tub when I’m showering.”



What are some common things that can be found or often placed in the bathroom?

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How can we better organize our bathrooms at home?




Dimensional Analysis

By analyzing the sizes of common bathroom products, I have made prototypes in order to determine the appropriate dimensions for the modules.


User Testing

I have made a functional prototype for my user Ying to bring home and use in her bathroom. Her two roommates and herself have used this prototype for a span of 4 weeks.


Form and Color Studies

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The Solution

The concept of Dropboard consists of three parts: The mounting board, the support attachment, and the modules.


The mounting board is a stainless steel tube frame that contains holes in equal increments. The holes can attach onto different modules. The board will also "house" all belongings and bathroom products onto a single section of the bathroom.


By attaching the designated support attachments, the board will be mounted onto existing bathroom structures, so it will cause no permanent damage to the space. These existing structures consist of: towel racks, towel hooks, shower door handle, shower rod and shower head.


The modules come in 3 different sizes in increments of 3.5 inches (Small: 3.5", Medium: 7" and Large: 10.5".) The 3 standard sizes can accommodate designated types of product stored inside bathrooms and can fit side by side when mounted onto the board.


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Inspired by electric toothbrushes, the interchangeable colored edges allows different users to differentiate their containers, and can be easily attached by a snug fit lip and groove. 

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Dropboard is meant to be self assembled and will be sold flat pack for easy storage and shipping. It can be assembled by sliding the tubes and aligning the locking pins, and by using the provided hex key and screws. 

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