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Exploding Parsons Table


Exploding Parsons Table


The Exploding Parsons Table is a side table inspired by an exploded view technical drawing of a RTA (Ready to Assemble) piece of furniture. Using casting methods with resin onto plywood, it gives an illusion of freezing in time during the process of assembly, and reveals the joinery and parts that make up a piece of classic furniture made notable by my alma mater.




Design Process            

exploded view photo.jpg

Inspiration: Exploded Views

Exploded views are common within technical drawings of products. They help designers and users understand the placements of different components and understanding how parts fit or fasten together.

Within RTA Furniture, exploded views are helpful to see how all the parts come together. The Exploding Parsons Table explored the concept of freezing in time during the assembly process, exposing the joinery methods that are usually hidden when the furniture is assembled.


Fabrication Method: Resin Casting

Clear Resin can be combined with different materials to create "empty space". I was inspired by examples of resin casting that combine other materials, such as wood and concrete, and creating a sense of water or space. Resin also adheres to many other materials, creating a strong and seamless bond.

resin moodboard.jpg

Exploration + Experimentation


Through making test pieces with different joinery, resins, molds and finishing processes. I have made samples of different iterations in order to determine possible problems and outcomes. I have tackled different problems along the process such as bubbles, warping, surface imperfections, hardening and curing,  scratches and retaining translucency/clarity.

resin samples.jpg
resin samples 2.jpg


I have also experimented with machining acrylic to achieve a similar effect. However, I chose not to proceed with this method due to challenges with machined acrylic's weight, reflective glare and difficulty with retaining translucency.



Fabrication Process