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Graff: The Promise Collection


Graff : The Promise Collection

Luxury Education Foundation - 2016 / Client: Graff Diamonds

GRAFF: The Promise Collection is a collection of jewelry designed for the renowned jewelry house Graff Diamonds. This entry level line of jewelry celebrates the promise of unbreakable bond between interpersonal relationships. It aims to introduce aspirational Graff customers to the brand as well as maintaining increased interaction with existing customers through telling the story of diamonds, the Lesotho Promise and the brand’s heritage.

I worked as the lead product designer with a team of Parsons and Columbia Business School MBA students as part of the Luxury Design and Strategy collab master class. During the process, we were critiqued periodically by Henri Barguirdjian, Graff’s CEO and President, and presented in the annual Luxury Education Foundation final presentation at Columbia University to industry professionals.

Our project was featured in the Luxury Daily.

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The Collection 

The motif we created for this collection is the interlocking loops. Interlocking loops symbolize the unbreakable bond of diamonds, and the unbreakable bond of relationships. The promise collection line consists of the engagement collection, women's repeatable collection and men's repeatable collection.

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Women's Repeatable Collection

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Men's Repeatable Collection

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Marketing + Launch Strategy


AR Mobile App

The mobile app acts as a promotional tool that allows anyone with a smartphone to try on pieces from the collection through augmented reality (AR). It enables your phone camera to detect two users to link hands. Once the connection is detected, jewelry from the collection will appear on the users hands. You can screenshot your connection and share it to friends via social media. 


Ad Campaign

The ad campaign celebrates the unbreakable bond of romantic relationships, kinships and friendships. The Promise Collection provides a variety of products that are suitable for gifting to various settings.


Launch and Retail Visuals

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Design Process

Who is Graff?

We took the opportunity to research the story of Graff's heritage, as well as the story of diamonds and the Lesotho Promise. The Lesotho Promise is a collection of 27 flawless diamonds cut from a single 603 carat diamond stone. It is one of Graff's most celebrated and iconic works. From understanding the story of such an incredible moment for the brand, we developed three key phrases of what Graff means to us.

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Graff's Brand Identity


Opportunity and Vision

Graff is a relatively young luxury brand, founded less than 60 years ago. It is still currently building upon its brand DNA. We found an opportunity to expand Graff's customer base and product line through creating an entry level line of Graff jewelery - the Promise Collection.

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Research: Luxury Market

As a group, we researched other luxury brands within jewelry, fashion, tech and automotive, that are either Graff’s competitors or parallel industries. The success of luxury brands are determined by their ability to successfully create long-lasting, iconic motifs that are true to each brand’s DNA, as well as incorporating the brand’s heritage into marketing and merchandising campaigns. 

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Concept: Story of the Unbreakable Bond

We developed the story for the Promise Collection through the inspiration of the story of discovering a diamond. The discovery of a diamond is only possible through commitment, absolute faith and patience. Diamonds also symbolize nature's miracle of creating something that is unbreakable. Like a promise of everlasting love, a proposal is a true promise of unbreakable love with the Promise Collection.

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Product: Ideation and Prototypes


Prototypes are made through the process of lost-wax casting and finished with metal plating.

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