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Miansai Eau De Parfum

Miansai Eau De Parfum



Miansai is an American jewelry, accessories and lifestyle brand. Miansai Eau De Parfum is a concept perfume bottle influenced by Miansai's brand identity.

This is a personal project and is not affiliated with Miansai.

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Design Process

Brand Identity

Miansai is a jewelry and accessories brand based in Miami. All of Miansai's products are handmade by craftsmen in the USA. Here I have studied Miansai's heritage, visual identity, color palette and inspirations.

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Current Platforms



E-commerce Website

E-commerce Website

Retail Store in Venice, CA

Retail Store in Venice, CA


What if Miansai had a perfume?


Design Motif Study

Design Motifs are distinctive visual icons often found in jewelry that represents a brand - such as the Cartier panther, Van Cleef and Arpels' four leaf clover, the Bulgari serpant, etc. 


Miansai's most iconic motifs are the fishing hook, the anchor and the screw. Miansai also introduces more streamlined motifs in their newer collections. Motifs can be found in jewelry for both men and women, as well as other Miansai products. 

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Design Ideation

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Sketch Models + Prototypes


Design Details


Technical Specs

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